My Career

Embarked on a dynamic career journey, transitioning from coaching sports to orchestrating professional sports team operations, delving into mass participant event operations, and finally serving as a proficient project manager for diverse events, I am now eager to embrace new challenges on the horizon.

Deputy Operations Manager @ Peak Event JSC

In my role as Deputy Operations Manager at Peak Event JSC since April 2023, I've been deeply involved in shaping and executing mass participation sports events. Collaborating closely with the Race Director and stakeholders, I've contributed to the development and implementation of comprehensive event plans. My responsibilities extend to fostering positive government relations, drafting documents, and securing permits in collaboration with municipal authorities. Proficient in presenting event plans during official meetings, I ensure seamless coordination with government authorities.

One of my key achievements includes serving as the Project Lead for the SonKim Thu Duc City Run 2023, overseeing end-to-end planning and execution for 5000+ participants. Additionally, as the Swim Course Manager for OCEANMAN Viet Nam 2023, I carefully designed and optimized the swim course for 800+ athletes, collaborating with international water rescue experts and local teams to meet the standards of the world's largest open water swimming event.

Beyond these achievements, I have been extensively engaged in formulating proposals for undisclosed projects currently in progress, actively contributing to the operational aspects of various racing events.

1. SonKim Thu Duc City Run 2023 - Project Lead & Run Course Manager

  • Spearheaded end-to-end planning and execution, ensuring an exceptional experience for 5000+ participants.
  • Engaged in strategic decision-making beyond conventional event coordination, enhancing every facet of the run.
  • Designed and optimized the race course with a focus on strategic runner flow management, eliminating bottlenecks and congestion points.
  • Delivered a flawlessly executed run, earning acclaim for the well-thought-out design and seamless execution.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to safety by implementing robust safety measures and protocols.

2. OCEANMAN VIET NAM 2023 - Swim Course Manager

  • Took on the critical role of Swim Course Manager, overseeing the optimization of swim course for 800+ athletes, ensuring a challenging yet safe route for participants.
  • Collaborated closely with international water rescue experts, local teams, and coastal border guards to meet and exceed the standards of the world's largest open water swimming event, OCEANMAN.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in managing complex logistical aspects of an open water swimming event, from course planning to safety protocols.
  • Achieved seamless coordination between various stakeholders, showcasing effective collaboration skills.

Event Operations Coordinator @ Sunrise Events Vietnam

During my time at Sunrise Events Vietnam, I had the privilege of taking on pivotal roles in organizing and executing some of the most significant athletic events in the country. As the orchestrator of various races, I successfully managed the complexities of events such as the VNG IRONMAN 70.3, BIMGROUP 5150 TRIATHLON, TECHCOMBANK HANOI MARATHON, and TECHCOMBANK HCMC MARATHON. 

From overseeing record-breaking runner turnouts to ensuring strict adherence to international standards, each assignment allowed me to showcase my dedication to delivering seamless and memorable experiences in the world of endurance sports.

1. VNG IRONMAN 70.3 VIET NAM 2022 (May 6-8, 2022)

  • Newborns Vietnam Runout Lead: Newborns Vietnam Run Out is a charity run part of VNG IRONMAN 70.3, aiming to raise public awareness of the project funded by the UK based – Newborns Vietnam. As the operations leader of the run, I successfully managed the execution for a record-breaking participation of 220+ runners
  • Sunrise Sprint & IRONKIDS Viet Nam Swim Start Lead: In this role, I managed the swim course for 600+ athletes, ensuring the event not only met but exceeded the stringent standards set by IRONMAN.
  • VNG IRONMAN 70.3 Swim Start Lead: Taking charge of the Swim Start for 1200+ athletes, I played a key role in the success of the largest triathlon race in Viet Nam.
  • VNG IRONMAN 70.3 Transition & Course Support: Overseeing the Transition and Run Course, I ensured that each aspect met and surpassed IRONMAN safety standards. This attention to detail played a crucial role in establishing the event as a benchmark for safety in triathlon races.

2. TECHCOMBANK HANOI MARATHON 2022 (Sep 23-25, 2022)

  • Startline Manager: As the Startline Manager for the Marathon & Half Marathon at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, I directed the start of the race for 3500+ runners, ensuring a smooth and organized commencement.
  • Operational Sweeper: In the capacity of Operational Sweeper, I handled on-course emergencies with efficiency, providing timely support to course operators. This proactive approach contributed to the overall safety and success of the marathon.

3. BIMGROUP 5150 TRIATHLON PHU QUOC 2022 (Nov 18-20, 2022)

  • Project Lead & Swim Start Manager: Taking on the role of Project Lead and Swim Start Manager, I ensured the event not only met but exceeded the rigorous standards set by IRONMAN for 600+ athletes
  • Swim Course Coordinator: Collaborating closely with the Swim Safety team, I actively coordinated the swim course to guarantee participant safety up to IRONMAN standards. This collaborative effort contributed to a memorable and secure swim experience for all participants.

4. TECHCOMBANK HCMC MARATHON 2022 (Dec 9-11, 2022)

  • Startline Manager: As the Startline Manager for the biggest marathon event in Viet Nam in 2022, I directed the startline area for a massive turnout of 12000+ runners. This role required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure a smooth start for each participant.

Senior Technical Operation Supervisor @ MSE Group & Vietnam National Basketball Team

In my role as a Senior Technical Operation Supervisor, I collaborated closely with the Vietnam National Basketball Team's head coach and coaching staff, contributing to comprehensive reports throughout the pre-season, in-season, and end-season periods. 

A key aspect of my responsibilities involved the production of regular technical and operational reports for both team leadership and the national federation. This included overseeing day-to-day team operations, such as practice, recovery, and player requirements, aligning with the directives set by team leadership.

Additionally, I successfully managed logistics and operations for several significant events, showcasing my ability to handle high-profile sports engagements with precision:

  • Vietnam Basketball Association 6 (VBA) in 2021: Played a crucial role in coordinating technical and operational aspects to ensure the smooth execution of the event.
  • SEA Games 30 3x3, 5x5 Men's National Senior Team: Managed operations for the Men's National Senior Team, contributing to a successful participation in the SEA Games 30.
  • FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup - Men's National Senior Team: Oversaw logistics and operations to support the Men's National Senior Team's participation in the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup.
  • FIBA 3x3 U18 Asia Cup - U18 Boy's National Team: Successfully coordinated logistics and operations for the U18 Boy's National Team during the FIBA 3x3 U18 Asia Cup.
  • ASEAN School Games 2019 - U18 National Boy's Team: Managed logistics and operations for the U18 National Boy's Team, ensuring a seamless experience at the ASEAN School Games 2019.
  • FIBA Cambodia Friendly Games - U20 Men's National Team: Oversaw logistics and operations for the U20 Men's National Team during the FIBA Cambodia Friendly Games.

Football Coach @ Sports Skills Academy (SSA) Founder & Head Coach @ Honey Badgers Soccer Training

In my capacity as a Football Coach at Sports Skills Academy (SSA), I have contributed to the development and enhancement of athletes' skills. My role involves collaborating with aspiring football enthusiasts to refine their techniques, strategize game approaches, and foster a passion for the sport.

Additionally, I am the Founder & Head Coach at Honey Badgers Soccer Training, a venture initiated and led by me. This platform has been designed to offer expat kids a tailored and intimate environment for cultivating fundamental soccer skills and nurturing a genuine interest in outdoor sports. Leading day-to-day operations and engaging in hands-on coaching, I am dedicated to ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience for each participant. Honey Badgers Soccer Training reflects my commitment to nurturing a love for the game and instilling essential skills in the next generation of football players.