About Me

I am a young, organized, healthy, enthusiastic, and energetic professional with a wide range of working experiences in the sports industry at different positions across many sports of many levels: coaching from early ages to professional and international competitive levels (Football & Basketball and recently, mass participation events: running & triathlon).

Sports have been essential to my life since I was a kid. I either do training in some sports or play one kind of sport every day, which is a healthy routine that I am proud of. I strongly believe in the positive values that sports bring to the table and add more meaning to everyone's lives. Team sports develop teamwork skills, coordination skills, character, and togetherness while endurance sports develop grit, resilience, toughness, courage, and discipline. These are the values we all need to become a better version of ourselves - and all can be forged through sports.

I also do believe that through sports, any individual will find, embrace and develop his/her potential to the fullest as there are miracle moments that occurred throughout the history of sports that proved there are no limits to human abilities. A bright mind, and a calm character housed in a strong, healthy body is the ultimate goal that many thrive for in life - as one wise man in our history once said.

With that background, I find myself always on the lookout for new challenges. I believe with the skills, valuable knowledge, and experiences of working with the top-level professionals that I have obtained over the years, I can contribute to the process of planning, organizing, and executing some of the best sports events in Viet Nam - to bring more and more positive values to people's lives through sports - FOR A BETTER VIET NAM.

How you start is how you finish.